The Brecksville Broadview Heights Community Emergency Response Team

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Brecksville, OhioBroadview Heights, Ohio
                  NIMS Credentialing PIV-I card
  Personal Identity Verification Interoperability

CERT Qualifications
1. Legal status of the individuals’ CERT must be established by municipal ordinance or equivalent for universities.
2. Individuals’ CERT must be registered with FEMA.
3. Individuals must be registered with and accepted by Ohio Responds.
4. Individuals must have a clear background check. Background check criteria will be announced.
5. Individuals must sign a loyalty oath as prescribed by the Stafford Act Amended 2013 and Ohio Revised Code 4123.037.
6. Individuals must qualify for at least one of the following tasks:
    a. Damage Assessment
    b. First Aid
    c. PODs
    d. Sheltering
    e. Traffic and Crowd Management
    f. Wide Area Search
7. Individuals must complete the following training:
    a. CERT Basic Training, classroom version
    b. IS-700 Introduction to NIMS, any revision
    c. IS-100 Introduction to ICS, any revision
    d. IS-200 Single Resources and Initial Action  
    Incidents, any revision
    e. CERT Emergency Communications (MURS radios)
8. Individuals must complete at least one of the following training programs:
    a. Damage Assessment – Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management
    b. First Aid – American Heart Association, Americann Red Cross, or equivalent THIS IS AVAILABLE 3/19/2014 or 3/26/2014
    c. PODs – Generic program from Cuyahoga County Board of Health
    d. Sheltering – American Red Cross
    e. Traffic and Crowd Management – CERT Traffic and Crowd Management
    f. Wide Area Search – Metroparks and/or USAR
9. Education – A minimum level of education (e.g., high school diploma/GED) is not required.
10. Experience – None required but participation in exercises is strongly recommended.
11. Certification/Licensure – None required.
12. Physical/medical Fitness – Will be determined at the time of deployment based on assignment