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Our spring drill will take place on June 16, 2018 at 10000 Brecksville Road (VA hospital property)

Chief Zamiska has generously given CERT access to the VA property on June 16 from approximately 8:30-Noon. More details about the drill will be given here and through email but our plan is to provide all participants with lunch. One item we know for sure is that we have to comply to a set of rules, one of which is a signed liability waiver for each drill participant Please complete the pre-registration form. If you have questions or would like to be on the email list, just click on the webmaster link at the bottom of this page or email the current BBH CERT President, Melissa Mathys.

Credit goes to and Melissa Mathys for photos used in this banner.


  • Local Information:
  • CERT member application (PDF) CERT Backpack inventory check list (PDF)
    CERT of Cuyahoga

    Cuyhahoga County CERT teams

    Northern Ohio CERT teams 

    Cuyahoga County Medical Reserve Corps Cuyahoga County Public Saefty and Justice Service

  • Ohio Responds :
  • According to the state of Ohio, anyone who responds outside of their local community is required to be registered at the Ohio Responds website. Please make sure you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer version 8, 9, 10, or 11.

  • FEMA
  • Link about CERT Citizen Corps

  • Emergency Preparedness :
  • 2015 Summary on Emergency Preparedness  
    Homeland Security  NIMS
    Emergency Medical Information card (PDF) Home Emergency Supply Checklist (PDF)  Ohio Emergency Management
    Army Corps of Engineers  Amateur Radio Society 
    ready cuyahoga
    red cross
    Red Cross has put out a new app for pet first aid.  Click the picture to find pet appout more details. triage
    red cross spot
    code red

  • Health Related links:
  • Cuyahoga County Board of Health  UH Poison Control 
    Cuyahoga County Criticial Incident Management

  • Weather related links:
  • Cold weather survival tips�(PDF)
    Driving tips for all weather

  • Other
  • Real-time traffic Amber Alert

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    Training and Certifications

    We will have detailed information regarding specific training events. READ MORE here.

    Resources and Links

    Links to informational websites such as FEMA, Code Red, Ohio Responds, emergency preparedness apps and weather are provided here.

    Past Meeting minutes and photos

    Missed a meeting? Check photos and minutes from the past here.

    Current volunteer needs

    Volunteers are need for: READ MORE here.

    Current team leaders

    Nick Zamiska, Chief Melissa Mathys - President
    TJ Hartman Wayne Louis II
    Sue Schindler Tom Kalvas
    Brian Russo Carolyn Jatsek
    Marc Rubin Jared Winar
    Bill Zaker Lidia Dobronos
      Melissa Mathys - webmaster
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    Brecksville Broadview Heights CERT makes a great effort to participate in community events. Quite often we are asked to provide volunteers for traffic control and safety personnel for Operation Medicine Cabinet and Home Days.

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    Join CERT

    All residents of Brecksville or Broadview Heights are encouraged to join. You will be trained on how to respond to an emergency situation; how to take care of your family, neighbors and community. The commitment is up to you.  We have members who are active every month and others that help out during large drills or actual call-out situations.
    Joining is simple. 

    We ask that you complete this form. By using the SUBMIT button on the form, an email will be sent directly to us. If you have troulble with the form, print it and bring it to the next meeting.