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      Ohio CERT Training Recognition Program

In an effort to document volunteer training, the state of Ohio has implemented the Ohio CERT Training Recognition Program

This program consists of three levels of training: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Basic - completion of the 20 hour Basic FEMA CERT courses.
Intermediate: 6 courses and 5 elective courses.
Advanced: 7 courses and 5 elective courses.

The links above will take you to a detailed list of the courses required and will link directly to those that are available on-line.

We will make the best effort possible to help you keep track of the training you have done.  For the present, when you complete a course, send a copy of the pdf certificate to  In the future, you will be able to upload the certificate into your CERT folder from this website and see the courses completed and those yet to be completed. 

Some of the courses and training you complete will also be required for the NIMS- PIVI card.  This link will take you to information on that credentialing program.  We will use our database to keep track of fulfillment of those courses as well.