The Brecksville Broadview Heights Community Emergency Response Team

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Brecksville, OhioBroadview Heights, Ohio
                  Ohio Responds

According to the state of Ohio, anyone who responds outside of their local community is required to be registered at the Ohio Responds website. Please make sure you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer version 8, 9, 10, or 11.

If you have not registered yet, please do so and the members of the board can help you get activated.

You will be asked to upload the pdf files for three certificates so have them handy when you register.  There is a sidebar that indicates the % completion of your registration and your account status.

To update your credentials, choose the "MY PROFILE" page.

Here are some suggestions to complete your registration efficiently: The Training Section

(1)      Before registering, volunteers must complete some form of relevant training.  There are a variety of trainings that count (e.g., CERT Basic Training, CPR/AED, first aid, or a FEMA online course). 


(2)      In order to register, volunteers must be confirmed members of a CERT.  Some CERTs require individuals to complete the CERT Basic Training before their membership takes effect and, therefore, before they can register with Ohio Responds.  That is fine as long as everyone understands that if members are participating in any activities before their Ohio Responds registration is accepted, they are not covered for liability.



(3)      A certificate for the training needs to be uploaded.