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Next meeting is Wednesday, October 19, 2016

7 PM Brecksville Human Services Building .

Our October meeting will involve hands-on skill review in conjunction with the Brecksville Fire Department. You will be required to visit several skill stations around the building and parking lot so bring your backpack, walking shoes and a flashlight. Hopefully the rain will hold off so we will not need an umbrella. We are also looking forward to our November holiday meeting on Thursday November 17 at 7 PM in the Human Services Building.

Credit goes to and Melissa Mathys for photos used in this banner.

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April 6, 2016
FEMA Training

Quad City

See details here

Saturday, May 21

8 AM - Noon

CERT participation in Hazmat excercise

Tri-C East Campus

see details here


February 2016: CPR/AED class:

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cpr3 cpr5
cpr6 cpr1


Training and Certifications

We will have detailed information regarding specific training events. READ MORE here.

Resources and Links

Links to informational websites such as FEMA, Code Red, Ohio Responds, emergency preparedness apps and weather are provided here.

Past Meeting minutes and photos

Missed a meeting? Check photos and minutes from the past here.

Current volunteer needs

Volunteers are need for: READ MORE here.

Current team leaders

Ed Egut, Chief Tim Dodd- President
Leslie Lesinski Wayne Louis II-Vice President
Sue Schindler Tom Kalvas
Brian Russo Carolyn Jatsek
Marc Rubin Jared Winar
Bill Zaker Lidia Dobronos
TJ Hartman Melissa Mathys - webmaster
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Brecksville Broadview Heights CERT makes a great effort to participate in community events. Quite often we are asked to provide volunteers for traffic control and safety personnel for Operation Medicine Cabinet and Home Days.

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All residents of Brecksville or Broadview Heights are encouraged to join. You will be trained on how to respond to an emergency situation; how to take care of your family, neighbors and community. The commitment is up to you.  We have members who are active every month and others that help out during large drills or actual call-out situations.
Joining is simple. 

We ask that you complete this form. By using the SUBMIT button on the form, an email will be sent directly to us. If you have troulble with the form, print it and bring it to the next meeting.