This outbreak of the novel coronavirus and its sickness Covid-19 will place a burden on our local emergency response teams.  This will give the CERT teams an opportunity to mitigate some of that burden and give back to the people that have worked with us, trained us and shared their expertise with us since 2005.  Our local fire departments will require that our CERT team is organized and ready to help at a moment’s notice.  With that goal, staying current will be a daily task.  Just as the Governor DeWine updates us on the state of the battle again the virus in the state, this page will attempt to maintain open communication lines between the fire departments, the BBH CERT coordination team and the CERT members.

The BBH CERT Coordination team met with Chief Zamiska of the Brecksville Fire Department and he has asked for our assistance on three important tasks- two short-term tasks and one long term. 

TASK 1: The Brecksville Fire Department has secured elastic to replace the straps on N95 masks. They are asking for


Personnel (all must be healthy and your temperature will be taken)

Working portable sewing machines

Know how to sew

White thread

Willing to learn how to sew


Many other to cut the elastic and organize the inventory

Ideally the elastic will be here on April 8, but the organization team would like to collect volunteers and supplies.  As of now, we will be working in the training room at the Brecksville Fire Station. 

You can see Melissa complete the replacement of a set of straps at

TASK 2: The Brecksville Fire Department will be POD (point of distribution) for PPE supplies for the fire departments in Cuyahoga County.  Chief Zamiska would like volunteers to

Inventory supplies received

Complete paperwork for fire departments as they collect the supplies

Help move boxes of PPE into vehicles as they move through the line

Ideally this will be a drive through process (possibly at the Brecksville Fire Station) so the local fire department can get back to their stations quickly.  No date has been given for when the supplies will arrive and we may be given only short-term notice so the volunteers need to be ready to deploy. 

TASK 3: We understand that the vaccine for this virus may be as much as 18 months away, we believe that the scale may be greater than our H1N1 inoculation events.  That being said, we would like to collect volunteer information now to ensure everyone that wants to participate as an opportunity to do so.   The H1N1 event required volunteers with a variety of skills not just medical personnel.  The common roles in the past event were: traffic control, people to help complete the on-line registration, greeters, and data entry. 

It goes without saying that all events will strictly adhere to CDC guidelines for health, distancing and PPE. 
If you choose to volunteer for any of these events, Melissa would like you to reply to this message in separate emails for each event.  Please have the subject line be “N95 straps”,  “PPE distribution” or “Vaccination”.  It will help organize the lists. 
Melissa Mathys will be contacting you about times, location and other requirements if you volunteer.